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Bride’s Guide To Choose The Right Coloured Lenses For The Wedding Day

Bride’s Guide To Choose The Right Coloured Lenses For The Wedding Day

Without any doubt, the wedding day is one of the most important days for any girl. Haven’t you been dreaming all your life about the moment when you’ll be walking down the aisle to say “i do”? Haven’t you been dreaming to become one of the most gorgeous brides pulling off the white gown? If yes, it’s high time to consider getting a pair of coloured contact lenses for your big day.

Wearing glasses at your wedding will hide your makeup. However, opting for coloured lenses will enhance your eye-makeup and give you just the right dramatic look that you want to steal the show. When choosing coloured contacts, there are numerous factors that you must consider, including your skin tone and your hair colour.

Whether you want to pull off a dramatic look, a subtle look or a natural look, here’s a guide that can help you figure out the kind of lenses you should buy. 

Best Types Of Coloured Lenses For Brides

1-Visibility Tint

Don’t want to change the colour of your eyes? Want something that enhances your beauty in a natural way? Opt for the visibility tint because this type has a very minor colour tint that will make your eyes look smooth and natural. Combined with a light and neutral makeup, visibility tint coloured lenses will help you have the right chic look you want.

2-Enhancement Tint

If you want to enhance your eye-colour then you should go for the enhancement tint coloured contact lenses Australia. This one’s specifically recommended for brides with light-coloured eyes. For example, if you have light brown eyes, you can make them look more attractive and add prominence with enhancement tint contact lenses.

3-Opaque Tint

Blue, green, grey or whatever colour you want for your eyes, the opaque tint will be the best option here. These types of lenses can change the colour of your iris and it’s specifically for those who have dark coloured eyes. You can find a wide variety of colours in this type including; hazel, green, grey, blue and purple etc.

How To Pick The Right Coloured Contact Lenses For Your Wedding?

Buying contact lenses Australia is no big deal, it’s just that the ones you pick should match your bridal makeup and your outfit. Here’s a detailed guide on what you should pick based on your skin tone and your eye-colour.

Coloured Lenses For Dark Eyes

Opaque tint will work wonders for you if you have dark eyes. Usually brides with black or dark brown eyes opt for the opaque tint because here they can change their eye-colour to whatever they want. For a natural and lighter look, hazel brown is highly recommended as it will put you under the spotlight.

Coloured Lenses For Light Eyes

The enhancement tint will help enhance the beauty of your natural eye-colour. It will help deepen your natural colour and give your iris just the right edge that it needs. Opting for light-brown or some other warm colour here is recommended. 

Coloured Lenses For Medium Skin Tone

Honey, grey and dark blue are the three best colours for brides with a medium skin tone. These contact lenses will make you look super-attractive and super-chic.

Coloured Lenses For Fair Skin Tone

There are perks of having a fair skin tone. Brides with a fair and bright skin tone can pull off any colour of contact lenses. For a classy look, you should go for blue and grey. It will make you look more attractive and classy. 

Coloured Lenses For Dusky Skin Tone

Brides with a dusky skin tone often worry about the colour of their lenses. For dusky skin tone, it’s best to avoid loud colours like aqua or pink. It just won’t compliment your look. Instead you should look for warm-coloured contact lenses Australia to stand out from the crowd. Here you can opt for brown, hazel or light grey.

This is the guide that every bride must follow when looking for the right pair of coloured contact lenses for her big day. Also, make sure to inform your makeup artist about the coloured lenses that you’ll be wearing. Another thing to ensure is that your MUA doesn’t put any heavy fake eyelashes as with contact lenses on, you’ll be really uncomfortable. When your eye-makeup matches your coloured lenses that’s when you’ll get your desired look.

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