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Break into the Fantasy World of Kakegurui

Break into the Fantasy World of Kakegurui

Today, cosplay has become a new persona for people that can only let them be in very moment. It is all about getting yourself as a guise of your favourite character as close as possible. But the crucial part is to get the perfect anime cosplay costume. You must know every bit of the details of the character including the perfect anime contact lenses, as eye makeup can make or break your cosplay character. You can find a plethora of colours and designs in anime contact lenses to choose from. Anime contact lenses are your ultimate cosplay accessory as it allows you to turn yourself into your anime and create the perfect eye effect of the character. The right choice of anime contact lens complements the other features on your face when getting inspiration from your favourite anime or manga.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself together with the world's most popular characters from the famous Netflix series of Kakegurui for your next cosplay. The fantasy world of Kakegurui has gained popularity in the last few years amongst people especially the social media influencers. Kakegurui is an awfully eye-catching show, and many cosplayers have been able to get that aspect down perfectly. You can also experiment with different looks of Kakegurui’s characters. We have brought up some famous Kakegurui for your upcoming event and some perfect options for anime contact lenses that will enable you to create dazzling looks and make heads turn in cosplay events.

Yumeko Jabami

Transforming yourself into perfect character for cosplay requires a lot of preparation. From perfect dress to makeup and hair requires a great amount of homework. Kakegurui have become the most talked-about anime series last year and their characters have become quite popular with fans, Yumeko Jabami is one of them. The second year student Yumeko Jabami is a beautiful, cheerful and intelligent high school girl at first glimpse, but as the story moves on, deep inside she turns out to be a compulsive gambler who gambles for the thrill of it, unlike students that do so for financial or social gain. Amaze your pals with the perfect look of Yumeko Jabami and get a striking gaze all the way from head to bottom. Complete the look with the pair of bloody red Kurenai lenses to add dimensions and nuances to the glimmering makeup of this thrilling girl.

Runa Yomozuki

In your next cosplay event bring up the impressive range of expressions and powerful theatrics along with the perfect school skirt. Make yourself a Kakegurui fan swoon by adding a great precision and care to the character details and personality. Become Runa Yomozuki by buying a bunny hoodie, stockings and a coat. Runa Yomozuki has blonde hair with a petite figure. She has a mysterious character and she is always eating snacks. You can pull off her playful character with the use of a lollipop and some cards. You can use aesthetic details and improvisation for the makeup to get the real-life character. The false lashes and blackout Halloween anime contacts to bring this character a whole new level that highlights her personality traits with some artistic touch.

Midari Ikishima

Midari Ikishima is the head of the Beautification Committee.  Get a red vest, white shirt, skirt and stockings and show a passion for cosplaying Midari Ikishima. Midari is an incredibly crazy and corrupted character. Add some finest details to the look of Midari like butterflies and eye-patch to bring the truth to this character. Spice up the look with some extra glamour like White Hinata Byakugan lenses to give a touch of reality and creativity.

Kirari Momobami

The chill inducing character for cosplaying, Kirari Momobami in Kakegurui is the head of the school. You can pull off her personality wonderfully by using blue lipstick.  Most cosplayers prefer to dress up as Kirari Momobami after Yumeko Jabami.  Bring an extra level in cosplaying with this graceful character. Bring together the style, aesthetic, spirit, grace and makeup skills in recreating this look. No wonder, everyone's eye will be caught by you when you wear a Kirari Momobami cosplay costume. You can get inspiration from some famous tiktokers how they have brought up the perfect balance of sharpness and revolution to cosplays and performances.

Mary Saotome

Prepare yourself for none other than this rude, self-serving and magical character of Mary Saotome. She has blonde hair and you can paint blonde to your eyebrow to bring the best to this character. It’s not hard to pick-up on her personality traits; just get the accurate costume with no makeup look. You can add a fiery red eye shadow and a pair of Yellow Out anime contacts to give the popping effect to the eyes. You can resurrect this costume and blow a life to the character by wearing a pair of yellow anime contact lenses. The dazzling and wondrous character of Mary Saotome will surely leave a striking impression to the peeps around you.
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