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Blind White Contact Lenses- Perfect Choice For Apocalypse Movies

Blind White Contact Lenses- Perfect Choice For Apocalypse Movies

There is no better time to start preparing if you intend to shoot a Halloween or an apocalypse movie. The time is now! With the amazing makeup, hair, and costume combinations, you can end up creating the perfect look that you desire for your horror movie. The fans judge and observe the costumes and characters very closely; therefore, it is essential that you choose the right costume, the right makeup, and the right accessory, such as coloured contact lenses, to complete the required look.

If you're thinking about making your fans encounter a zombie apocalypse, then you must know the absolute dos and don'ts, and with the correct lens choice, you can give your characters the real zombie look that will stand out throughout the movie and keep on giving spooks to the fans.

Let us discover a few white lenses that are surely going to give a ghostly and creepy look and can be the perfect accessory for the zombie movie:

Blind White Contact Lenses

To make sure that your zombies are looking totally life-like and as ghastly as they do in reality, the best part is to create a look that will blow the minds away, and for that, you cannot compromise on the looks. Which is why blind white contact lenses are known to be the top choice for all those fanatics who love a different and unique look, especially for zombies.

Blind Zombie Contact Lenses

If you want to create zombies that are blind, then go for white blind contacts, as they are just more solid white. The zombies will look as if they are literally transformed into something unique because of their eyes. Without these lenses you will not be able to recreate that perfect and ultimate zombie look, which is required by the fans.

(UV) Glow In The Dark Contact Lenses

Here is another unique pair of coloured lenses that will give your zombie character a total boost. You can use Ultra Violet (UV) Contact Lenses and see what difference it would make on the entire zombie look. The minute they arrive and blink their eyes, the fans will be enjoying the scary and ghastly look, especially when they step out in broad daylight.. The UV glow comes in different colours like green, blue, white, and many more. It is now up to you if you want to go for blind white contact lenses or ultra violet (UV) contact lenses for the best zombie look.

Blood Splat Contact Lenses

There is a type of contact lens that gives an ultra-creepy and deadly look, and that is the blood spat contact lenses. A splash of blood in the eyes of zombies will look so scary, as if they just chewed off someone’s neck and were hungry for more flesh and blood. The red colour in the pupil of the lenses makes these lenses look totally unique. To make your zombies look ghastly and horrifying, be sure to use a pair of blood splat lenses for your apocalypse movie.

Mini Sclera Contact Lenses

Mini sclera lenses can be a head turner. These lenses give a spooky look because you cannot tell where that person is actually looking, and he might be staring at you all the time. This feeling can run shivers down your spine, and if you think you have the courage to face such horror, then you can give mini sclera contact lenses a go, They come in black and white colours too, and just like blind white contact lenses can create an eerie look, mini sclera also have a jaw-dropping impact.

Snake Eye Contact Lenses

Snake eyes are a rare kind of lens that is used by either those fans who love to recreate a unique look every year on Halloween or by costume designers who want to create terrifying looks for the movies. These lenses are used to give the characters a life-like look so that the fans are mesmerized by the impact made on them through the big screens. Zombies having snake eyes is next level creativity, and to add extra variety in the types of zombies in your movie, snake eye lenses can be the best sort of sclera lenses.

In conclusion, if you are preparing yourself for the making of a new horror movie and you want to leave your fans and audience scared and shocked, then make sure to work your best on the makeup, costumes, and accessories of your characters so that they give such an effect that the audience can relate to and you leave them flabbergasted.

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