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Become A Disney Princess this Winter by Wearing Coloured Eye Contact Lenses

Become A Disney Princess this Winter by Wearing Coloured Eye Contact Lenses

As the winter season knocks on our doorstep, we know that it is that time of the year again when you can easily cozy up and drink hot chocolates sitting around the hearth fire. We can't desperately wait for the holiday season to come around so we can spend time with our dearly beloved. Or, we can choose to go on a winter-themed party wearing the best looking princess dresses wearing the most alluring contact lenses for the season, right?

Shorter days, less sunlight, cold winds, slippery roads, snowy days, and frostbites (a bit extreme), but that's what winters are all about. So before you go ahead and bundle up in your thick coats and pop your favorite pair of coloured contact lenses, here are some to help you set a statement.

Wear Blue Coloured Contact Lenses to Become the Cinderella in the Night
Waiting for the perfect moment for your fairy godmother to come and bless you with the prettiest look this winter season? Well, that's not going to happen because fairy godmothers don't exist. However, if you want to impress your prince in the castle this New Year night, how about you wear blue coloured contact lenses. They will give your eyes the perfect attractive allure, and if you couple up with the best looking dress, you will become the lady of the night. Let your friends feel a bit jealous and win your fiance's heart by wearing blue coloured contact lenses. Mesmerize everyone with the best looking Cinderella dress and those beautiful blue eyes.

Wear Green Coloured Contact Lenses and Become the Rapunzel
Are you fond of your long blonde hair? Are they crazy long, just like Rapunzel? If you have long hair and have beautiful eyes that compliment them, you can always wear green coloured contact lenses and become the Rapunzel. Wear a traditional german dress, the "Dirndl," because that's what the Rapunzel in the movie wears. The dress has a purplish theme with a bit of a pink accent. The skirt is also purple and well decorated. She also wears a white petticoat underneath, but the skirt's hemline stays above her ankles. Mix and match, and you got it. Just don't forget, she doesn't wear shoes. Hopefully, you are attending an in-door party; if not, then I recommend you should.

Become Snow White this Holiday with Brown Coloured Contact Lenses
While her evil mother plots to take her life, Snow White finds her haven in a small cottage somewhere deep in the forest, only to realize that it is home to seven good-hearted dwarves. She eventually falls victim to her evil step-mother's plot and goes into a deep slumber until her prince comes around to wake her up. If it wasn't the eyes that captivated the young prince's heart, then I don't know what did. And do you know what coloured eyes the princess had? They were brown. How about you become the snow-white of the night by wearing the best looking brown coloured contact lenses? Find the guy of your dreams to receive his heart.

Want to Become Scary? Wear Grey Coloured Contact Lenses and Become Ursula

How would you prefer to become the arch-enemy of the Little Mermaid? If you're planning to go to a costume party by adapting an evil look, Ursula look is one of the best there is that can suit you. All you have to do is find a complimenting wig and a mole with smoky makeup to get into the character. Don a black dress and use grey coloured contact lenses to match it. Voila! You will become the perfect Ursula for the night. Now, how about that? It didn't take much of an effort. Become the Ursula and mesmerize your evil fans! Find your arch-enemy in her beauty and steal her boy.

The above discussed are a few coloured contact lenses that I presume all you will ever need to become the party's life. Above discussed are a few colourful contact lenses which I believe can steal the show this Christmas and New Year. So which beauty (No Ursula! Not you) are you planning to be?

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