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Be part of the Uchiha Clan with Halloween Contact Lenses

Be part of the Uchiha Clan with Halloween Contact Lenses

‘And then some day, when you have the same eyes as I do, come before me.’ 

Remember when Itachi annihilated the entire clan just to test the limits of his abilities (what a load of crap) and left out Sauske to survive. 

Sauske withered in hatred and eventually left the Leaf Village to strengthen his eyes so he could avenge his clan. All through the series, Sauske transitioned through many looks unlike the idiotic goof ball protagonist Naruto Uzumaki (he remained as orange as he could). 

If you want to be like the badass, aloof Sauske with scratched headband and sleek blade combed to the purple rope tied to his waist, look no further than we have the entire package planned out.  

Your get-up aside, you need to have the eyes. You are no Sauske Uchiha if you do not the eyes. The Sharingan!

Halloween Contacts Australia is here to fulfill your dream to become Sauske Uchiha. Order some quality-coloured contact lenses to tie the knot on the perfect Sauske outfit.

The Sauske Uchiha Package – Team 7

Team 7 Sauske is easy to make!

All you need is blue half-sleeve shirt with pale white shorts. Since there is only one sandal maker in the Leaf Village, so everyone wears the standard single-strapped black sandal. 

The short period Sauske doesn’t hate the Leaf Village, he religiously (I am just kidding, Team 7 Sauske couldn’t care less) wears his Leaf head band. We will cover the head band later. 

Secondly, you need white stripes to cover random parts of your body. The obsession of these ninjas with white stripes is beyond my comprehension. The sand ninja will drop it like a half-assesed curtain to protect their one side of the face from Gara’s bad breath or Teemari’s tantrums maybe. As for the Sauske Uchiha, he wears those on the lower part of his legs for reasons unknown.

So summon a huge, gigantic roles of white narrow stripes and get your legs wrapped!

The Sauske Uchiha Package – Orochimaru’s Apprentice

To reincarnate Sauske’s aloofness (which becomes more prudent when he trains under Orochimaru) into your personality, you are going to need pale white robe with open upper flaps with single-strapped sandals and dark blue pants. 

Two black bands on your each wrist to look even more badass. 

The thick purple rope around the waist will your homage to Orochimaru’s years of training though Sauske eventually kills him.

Since you would be taking on foes all at once, you would have order Sasuke blade from Amazon and oh yes, how can we forget the scratched head band. 

Although Sauske hates the Leaf Village but doesn’t give up on his head band and as part of the Akatsuki, he put one single neat scratch over it renouncing any ties to it.

Another $5 plus some browsing on YouTube, you can make your own head band. And then scratch it like demon killer. Make an Instagram boomerang while you are at it.

Also, Sauske gets wings from three black commas on his nape so you gotta have them. What was that thing Orochimaru gave him? 


Yeah, you are close!


The curse mark is child’s play. Get a child to give you their poster colours. Black colour. Thin-stroke paint brush. Mission accomplished. 


Sauske has the sharp dark eyes at the start of the series when he was part of Team 7. His Sharingan appear when he is fighting Haku and progresses to the Mangekyou to Eternal Mangekyou during the Fourth Great Ninja War Arc. 

To perfect your Sauske look, you can experiment with 1-tomoe Sharingan. Red Coloured Contact Lenses with the emblem of power, hatred and vengeance. A good rookie look, if you are experimenting. 

I know you are probably now too cool for this but don’t forget to take care of your red coloured contact lenses or you will incurring the eye infection jutsu. Buying quality lens is key to your eye health.

Where can you get the best Sharingan contact lenses?

Browse our online store to get the elite quality Halloween contacts in Australia. 

Aptly placed in the red-coloured contacts section, we have all the Sharingans you need, kind of like Kabuto’s spooky undercover lab where Sauske gets Itachi’s eyes transplanted into his eye sockets. 

As a rookie, you can start off with the 1-tomoe Sharingan.  We have got two version of the fully evolved Sharingan. Try out our ‘Sauske Uchiha Redand ‘Sharingan Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Contactsin our Sharingan collection. The Mangekyou Sharingan is stacked right after the 1-tomoe one which will make an S-class ninja right away. Try out the ‘Sharingan Red Sasuke Uchiha Contacts’ for an S-class experience. 

Hurry to the best Halloween contact lenses in Australia now!

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