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A Go-to Guide to Pairing Coloured Lenses with Trendy Eye Makeup

A Go-to Guide to Pairing Coloured Lenses with Trendy Eye Makeup

At the start of 2022, Chanel Beauty mentioned that this year is going to be all about eyes. The reason is that everyone will be wearing face masks and the only notable thing on the face left was the eyes which is a must for fashion freaks to curate them with contacts and makeup. Now that the danger of the pandemic is not as critical as it was, the trend of wearing contacts has gained recognition like never before and is here to stay. 

If you think that you are behind in this trend, then no need to worry as we have created a comprehensive guide that will explain in detail how eye makeup and contacts can be a game-changer in uplifting your look. 

One common question bug everyone and that is if the chosen eye makeup will suit or not. For that, we have a simple solution for you. Just follow the colour wheel theory in which such shades are used that will complement each other to enhance the eyes' look. You can also go for out-of-the-context colours if they are in harmony with the wheel. So, let’s see how you can ace your look while leveraging the latest fashion trends:

Blue Lenses 

If you have blue eyes or just love to wear blue-coloured contacts, then you can put on makeup in several shades. The best option is to go with the pink hues and if you want to adopt a bold look, then go with Fuchsia and stun everyone with your statement. Another fascinating combo is dark blue eye shadow with green eye makeup as it gives a subtle look. Overall, you can put on the makeup of any hue that matches the blue in the colour wheel.

Green Lenses 

Green eyes are the rarest in the world and that’s the reason most of the people who wear emeralds contacts are not familiar with the eye makeup that goes well with these eyes. As for the makeup shades, purple, plum, lilac, and violet are the best bet. The bold and deeper these hues will be, the more intense you will look. Although the matching doesn’t look that aesthetic but if you want to go with something similar, then try forest shades and emerald green makeup. 

Hazel Lenses 

Breathtaking chameleon-like eyes are a mix of brown and green colour which makes them one-of-a-kind and highly in demand. The best thing about hazel contacts is that you can play with both brown and green eye makeup. Overall, the darker hues coupled with smoky makeup can do wonders. If you want to enhance your eyes to the utmost, then go with lavender and orange and you won’t be disappointed at all.

Brown and Black Lenses 

The most common eye colours are black and brown. Plus, there are tons of options available in the market varying in hues and textures. Apart from all these things, people who love to wear such contacts have the benefit of playing with almost every type of eye makeup. As for the best ones, bronze, gold, metallic, pink, and blue will be perfect to opt for.

Gray Lenses 

Just like green contacts are rare and very famous among fashion freaks, the same goes for grey lenses. A lot of people love to wear contacts in grey to maintain a unique fashion statement. While applying makeup, the suitable colour palettes are blue, green, and brown. Go with smoky makeup and you will end up with an intensifying look that will get you a truckload of compliments.

Final Verdict

Coloured contact lenses and eyeshadow are a heavenly combination that not only enhances the eyes but overall statement as well. Curate both but don’t forget to follow our guide so that you can add a touch of aesthetic to your look without jeopardising your statement. After all, what’s important is that you look beautiful and understanding what contacts work with which hues of makeup is enough to get you started in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

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