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A brief history of time: Contact Lenses Edition

A brief history of time: Contact Lenses Edition

A very seasoned artist has published a book called ‘a brief history of time’ recently. His name is Stephan…


Not him…

His name is *clears throat* Stephan King.

Oh, don’t worry, I just made that up. The book, too.  Except, I am lying again. The book is real & the rules therein. 

Now before this whole ruse become a Christopher Nolan movie, allow us to explain the science of time & contact lenses to you.

Time & Coloured Contact Lenses

Time is relative. Time is absolute. Time is stupid. 

Oh, the boring, blowing-your-brains-out physics. With coloured contact lenses Australia, things are way simpler. 

Every contact lenses Australia has a clock. It’s a secret, don’t tell anyone. It ticks but you cannot hear it until its too late. Them, it pops. BAM, you are in a hospital. There was once a person who didn’t pay attention to the time bomb and eventually, he heard a pop in their eyes. Next thing, they were in immense pain.

Hey, hey don’t worry we will save you from the zombie apocalypse of Halloween contact lenses that could happen if you are not taking proper care of your eyes.

Your eyes are super sensitive. They deserve proper care and hygiene. We have made the contact lenses to be the baby cot of your eyes but that is not enough. The contact lenses work on the ticking time concept. They are made on 1-day, 1-month & 1-year basis to set a time bomb on their expiry date.

The 1-day contact lenses will not be usable after 24 hours and likewise the 1-month & 1-year contact lenses with a maximum wear of 8 hours in a day. 

Can I wear the 1-year contact lenses for one whole year?

Remember when you bought the white coloured contact lenses to scare kids in your alleyway. The package read 1-year duration and you thought to yourself: ‘that is going to be one wild year’.

Yes, we agree on the wild ride smirk you had but no…

I know what you are thinking. But no!

1-year contact lenses Australia are not meant to be worn for one-whole year. Day and night. It is a big NO-NO. 

The whole point of putting a 1-year limit is that your lenses are so great that they will last one full year. Be it 2020 – the pandemic year. 

How long can you wear any contact lenses if not 1-year?

Oh lord, forget wearing them for a year, or even a week, or a day.

‘No lens must cross 8 hours sitting on thy eyes’, said the sacred scroll of lame lenses. You must listen to the old wisdom and no matter how lame it sounds. It works.

The 8-hour limit is a reasonable estimate for your eye safety. No matter how much you love your new look, you should love your eyes more. Take them out after 8 hours or before if you feel like it.

If you are trying out contact lenses Australia for the first time, the 8-hour limit may sound too much. You can take them out if your eyes feel weird or uncomfortable. 

Another forbidden act – Sleeping

Sleeping is a crime now. That is what you get if you buy contact lenses. I am just kidding. 

Sleeping with contact lenses on is totally against the secret code of contact lenses. Remember the pop we mentioned earlier, it could happen if your eyes are deprived of oxygen all night long. Imagine waking up with your white coloured contact lenses and turning into a ice demon just because your were too lazy.

Simple rule: No sleeping with contacts. NO!

Where can you find the quality coloured contact lenses Australia?

Caring about your eyes must be your number one priority. Looking cool in a party or revamping your look is important but paying the necessary homage your eyes is increasingly vital. 

Head to Halloween Contact Lenses Australia and you will see our side of contract fulfilled word by word. All our freshtones are verified by KFDA and available in every variety. Get them now!

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