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A Birthday Bash for the Love of Horror

A Birthday Bash for the Love of Horror

Who said you are too old to have a themed party on the day you came to this world? Let your inner desires out and put on those Halloween contact lenses because you have a reason to dress up – a scary birthday party is on the scene.

You have still got those scary props and decorations that you bought and not to forget your costumes. Letting it sit in your closet for another year seems like a waste when you can easily host a few more events mixing and matching your scariest costumes.

Planning & Decor

Don't let turning a year older scare you away from throwing a frighteningly fun birthday party. This roundup also features outdoor decor and indoor decorating to transform your abode into a haunted house. If you're not sure where to start decorating, start by crafting a wreath, which is a fun way to let everyone know they've arrived at the right house.

For the interior, start with a birthday banner with letters in the Harry Potter style font.

Give the mantle a makeover with some creepy additions to set an eerie mood for the evening. And, of course, food and drinks for all the ghouls and goblins in attendance is a must. A variety of finger foods, sweet treats, and drinks to satisfy your scary guests. Oh, and don't forget candles to create the right aesthetics.

The Attire

Now that your party is sorted out, let's focus on your spooky attire. It's a birthday, after all, so you want to make sure you're looking your best—and befitting the theme, donning a costume that will wow everyone is an absolute must. To bring out your inner ghoul, makeup plays a huge role. Put on those 17mm sclera and become the Oracle that is predicting many successful parties in the future.

You can find various ideas on the internet to use your makeup sparingly while transforming and binding your whole look into something straight out of a scary movie. You can easily find tutorials regarding how they pulled off their creepy looks. This might sound like a lot of effort but if you play it smartly, it will not be putting any dent in your wallet.

Horror Movie inspiration

Horror movies are still the favorite pastime for many group hangouts. Therefore, replicating a character from a horror movie will prove to be easy and doable. You will need makeup, wax, masks, some spare clothes, and your sewing skills which can easily be learned online in under 15 minutes. To make your look more realistic, you can opt for some blind eye contacts which will go with every horror outfit you have got in your mind.

The makeup needs to be based on getting blood and ripped the skin right on the show. You can inspire some ghoul or zombie-themed makeup too with saggy dark eyes makeup and hollow cheekbones. Wax will be useful in making you experiment with huge amounts of makeup to make that skin tear look realistic and gory in all its glory. Tie the whole look together with masks and sewing your old clothes into something more in line with your character.

Anime Villain cosplay

Anime is all the hype now especially because of the huge range of topics that are covered in it. With scary and gory characters, you are bound to fit right in the scary themed party. You can easily get some amazing anime cosplay material online or just take inspiration from senpai google and make them yourself. Anime is more centered towards makeup with minimalist clothing options, so you must nail that. Invest in some hairsprays that are easily washed off to give a new colourful twist to your hair.

Get a pair of 22mm sclera for an alienist's eyes. The most famous anime characters’ hair has gradients going from lavender to pink, to flaming orange, or electric pink. The makeup is more centered towards the eyes so experiment with something that will put extra attention towards them. Their clothes are mostly long garbs that are tied by various accessories. Acnologia or Overlord are just characters that have long cloaks over their body tied with sashes and belts with total focus on their face and hair.

Greek Deities

Greek deities are always shown in long flowy robes for women while short ones for men. This minimalist thought process is easier for you and your budget to replicate.

Create long tentacles from wax and stick to your hair with some earthy makeup palette. Utilize some white-out lenses with a drop of red paint for eyes that turn others to stone. Down a long flowy robe and pull off a great scary medusa look.

Happy Birthday!
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