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8 Ideal Halloween Costume Ideas With Coloured Contact Lenses

8 Ideal Halloween Costume Ideas With Coloured Contact Lenses

As the leaves start to fall, temperature starts to drop and you can feel the spookiness and coldness in the air, it is the time when you get the Halloween feels and the excitement to prepare for the Halloween costumes. We all look forward to Halloween night as it lets us disguise ourselves into anyone or anything that we like.

Whether you want a spooky or funny costume, we have picked out some of the ideal Halloween costume ideas that you can slay with matching coloured contact lenses.


Witches have always been a part of spooky Halloween tales. The pointy black hat, black cat and broomstick are the top props that you need to complete your witch look. Evil green coloured face makeup with witch contact lenses in grey or purple colour will truly make you look like a real witch.


Devils are personified as the evil creature in different cultures and religions worldwide, hence the scariest creature that comes from hell. To complete the devilish attire you must have red horns, red trident and red contact lenses. Devil costume is easy to choose and prepare for Halloween and also won’t even cost you a fortune. However, if you really want to channel the Satan this Halloween, then do not forget to have the same evil eyes through red contact lenses.


For a menacing glare and to dress up as the walking dead, zombies are the perfect character to dress up for Halloween. All you need is some fake blood splattered on your clothes along with the white coloured contact lenses to complete the zombie look with the spooky white eyes. To look spookier with that Zombie look, you can even go for red contact lenses to make your eyes look infected from the zombie apocalypse.

The Grady Twins

Eerily looking twin sisters holding their hands and staring down the hallway is one of the many things that still creeps everyone out in The Shinning. If you want to team up with your girl friend or your sister and prepare the same Halloween costume then The Gradys Twins is idea to go for! Ruffled blue dress with ribbons around your waist along with dark curly hair is all you need to achieve the insanely creepy look. White coloured contact lenses and a lot of fake blood will complement the creepy twins look and you can scare around everyone while holding hands and glaring from afar.


A super-easy and budget friendly Halloween costume idea is to become the human skeleton. You need black leggings with full-sleeved plain black tee-shirt and some white paint to make the bones. Do not forget to go for red contact lenses and to paint your face that looks like a skull. There you are, all set!


We do not want the streets without a vampire out at night. Vampire appearances are opted and liked by many as it is the perfect supernatural being that scares everyone off. You need vampire fangs, fake blood, white face paint to look pale or you can also use light shaded foundation on your face to get the real look. Moreover, you need to have vampire contact lenses that will make you look super scary and terrifying. Go for red contact lenses which can be easily found in the vampire eye contacts section and get the real vamp look. You can even make two dark holes on your neck with an eye liner to make yourself look like a vampire who has been recently turned.

Cruella De Vil

A pampered, glamourous and evil heiress from London is here! Become Cruelle De Vil with a long black dress, a black and white wig, a fur stole and black contact lenses are all you need for a sinister glare. If you cannot find the white and black wig them you can also dare to spray paint your hair for the perfect signature look of Cruella. Rare coloured eye contact can be easily found at vampire contacts lenses section including white, black, red and yellow eye contacts.

Disney Princesses

If you do not want to look spooky and scary instead you want to stand out from the rest, then here are some pretty ideas that will make you look like a Disney princess. Want to transform yourself into your favourite childhood fairy tale then there are plenty of options to choose from. If you want to become your favourite princess such as Cinderella, make sure that you have the same eyes with blue coloured contact lens and a nice blue gown and glass slippers. If Snow White is your favourite princess then brown coloured contact lenses will do absolute justice to your entire look.

Bottom line:

If you go for Halloween or Vampire contact lenses, make sure you read all the safety instructions for usage and storage of the lens. Vampire eye contacts or any other fashion eye contacts must not be shared with anyone else, however, if you ever feel any discomfort or irritation you must contact your ophthalmologist right away.

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