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8 Best Halloween Contact Lenses That Will Give You Creeps

8 Best Halloween Contact Lenses That Will Give You Creeps

Halloween is coming soon and this is the time of the year when you all want to look spooky and different from the others. If you still haven’t decided which costume you want to choose so don’t freak out because here at Halloween Contact Lenses Australia, we have summed up a few great ideas to help you prepare for a scary look.

From dope masks to awesome Halloween contact lenses- we will let you know how you can freak out your neighbours and have a hell of a night. Either you want to go all whimsical or spooky, here are a few ideas that will help you set up the perfect Halloween costume this year. To add an extra edge in your look, make sure you have all the required accessories too to complete your look.

Here are some of the coolest Halloween contact lenses that will let you prepare yourself into a super-scary and unusual character this Halloween night.

  • White Out Lenses
  • You must not have wondered how you would look if you missed your irises with white out lenses and once you know how dead those eyes look, you will kiss coloured contact lenses goodbye. White out lenses will leave your eyes nothing but blank as space and that will leave your friends and family freaked out. These could be easily worn if you plan on becoming a zombie, vampire or an angel.

  • Cat Contact Lenses
  • Hey there kitty! Cat costumes might be common especially for adults due to the way they are usually put- it might even sound boring and doable. However, if you want to get the sinister cat eye contact lenses like no other cat clad person then this amazing cat eye lens will help you become the wild cat that you want to be.

  • Blue Contact Lenses 
  • Having natural blue coloured eyes are great but if you want to do something extra from the basics this Halloween so why not try bright blue coloured contact lenses that will transform your glare into an absolutely spooky look. You can either become the deceptive Jack Frost to spook off someone and freeze them to death or simply become the classic White Walker from the famous Games of Thrones series. No matter which costume you prefer, these blue eyes are totally going to enhance your look and make you look super scary.

  • Red Contact Lenses
  • The most sought after and unnatural coloured lens available is the demonic red beauty. The crimson red coloured contact lens is the sort that can be pulled off with different characters. Adding red blood in your irises will give you a satanic look or make you a blood thirsty vampire or any possessed clown. The options with red contact lenses are endless and by getting these lenses from Halloween Contact Lenses Australia, you can give extra drama and detailing to your Halloween costume that you might not be able to get from any other coloured contact lens. You will surely be collecting a lot of candies than other kids in the block this year as you will be spooking everyone a great deal.

  • Blood Spat Contact Lenses
  • Any horror movie freak will definitely buy these insane blood splatter Halloween contact lenses. They would easily go with almost any costume or you can simply scare people off by becoming Patient Zero. These lenses will fit in your pupils and the blood coming from the centre will make you look like you have blood coming out of your eyes. These lenses are surely a centre of attention and attraction as they look truly shocking once they’re put on.

  • White Mesh Contact Lenses
  • Coloured eye contacts is one thing but once a texture is added into the lens, the entire eye gets a whole new dimension. The textured white mesh with small holes are ideal for cosplay and gives an extra effect to the eye making it look more detailed and difficult to accomplish for many! These are mostly used by the anime enthusiasts as they suit best for those ninja looks.

  • Werewolf Contact Lenses 
  • Get the scorching werewolf cosplay eyes and get your howl on at the full moon Halloween night! Imitate fire with those red centric bright yellow coloured contact lenses. These lenses will cover your eyes completely and mimic the look of a werewolf. The vibrant colour is hard to look away from and cannot be missed by anyone in the crowd. This option is best to accomplish a supernatural look and by having some fangs on, you are all set to go and howl the night away!

  • Purple Contact Lenses
  • You might not want to go all spooky this year so here is a mystical vibe that will give your Halloween costume a totally magical look and it is none other than the purple contact lenses. If scary is not your game, then you can become a fairy, elf or a gnome and look as magical and mystic as you want and make an impact on others with those violet eyes while trick or treating.

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