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6 Wickedly Witchy Ideas to Bewitch the Halloween 2020

6 Wickedly Witchy Ideas to Bewitch the Halloween 2020

Some people think that a witch costume is totally clichéd and over-rated but do you really agree? The truth is that though a witch costume is not very original but no Halloween can be called truly complete without witches of all ages, sizes, and shapes brandishing their broomsticks and their pointed hats. From Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz to the Modern-Day witch like Sabrina Spellman, there are endless witchy options for you to try. The more imaginative you are, the more enchanting this special night becomes. 

2020 has been quite scary on its own, even without Halloween, so it is even more important to bring the traditional and classic festivities back with an enchanting costume by adding more glam and glitz instead of the usual gory and grisly details. Listed below are 15 wickedly witchy ideas to bewitch the Halloween 2020.

  1. Wicked Witch of the West

Nothing can be more obvious than the envious, green Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz. The epitome of traditional Halloween mascot requires the perfect smoky eyes, a subtle and smooth lime green color with a strategically infused shimmer. It gives the perfect glam to the most famous witch of all time. Finish off the look with pitch-black lipstick and dirty yellow halloween contact lenses.

  1. Winter’s Glam -Yule Witch

Let's have a magical time with the winter Sibyl inspired long velvet coats embellished with the traditional, pointed, witchy bedecked Christmas hats! Get in the celebration mode with a Yule Witch get-up.  You will definitely have one of the most unforgettable costumes this Halloween. To glam up this look, spin a lively, cranberry eyeshadow on your eyes and also dust it around them. Match it with cranberry-colored lipstick shades and some red-toned contact lenses. 

  1. The Sea Witch - Ursula

The most popular villain of all times – the Sea Witch Ursula from Disney is the perfect comeback for a traditional Halloween spirit. She is mean, she is wicked and she is manipulative! Who cannot love Ursula on Halloween? To recreate the looks of this sassy villain, you need to replicate her signature lilac color by applying a blended ivory and lilac base with bright aqua blue eye shadow adorning the eyes. Just like Ursula, everything is bold and colorful when it comes to makeup. Don’t forget some coarse blue glitter around the eyes, matte red lipstick and light blonde wig. To enhance her big, scheming eyes, sclera lenses are just the thing. 

  1. Fairest of All -Disney’s Witch

Think Snow White and the wicked witch who gave her the apple. Or maybe you are more of a fan of Julia Roberts's version from Mirror Mirror. Disney princesses may be the first choice of every girl but what’s the importance of nice when there is no naughty? When it comes to a Disney Witch, you need a long traveling cloak that covers your face. Subtle wrinkles and some skilled makeup tips from tutorials. Also, if you are sticking to Snow White, a vintage-style mirror in one hand and a red apple in the other is mandatory. 

  1. Hocus Pocus – Winnie the Witch

Hocus Pocus, the movie, is the embodiment of Halloween. Therefore, it was clearly expected that the most witchy Witch from the trio would end up on this enchanting list. Alexa Poletti's looks are simple and perfect and personify the legendary movie perfectly. All you need is a bright orange wig or you can even try on some bright orange color temporarily. Her signature lip shape can be drawn with red lip color and some fake nails perfectly pull out this dress-up. You can even ask your friends or sisters to dress up as the other two witches to complete the Halloween trio. 

  1. Spellbinding Witch – Sabrina Spellman

With the lock down, Netflix has become a popular medium, so you can expect to see many different versions of this modern and chic witch. To set yourself apart from others, why not recreate the looks from the Church Scene when her coven is attacked by Angels. All you need is a crimson top, dark body-hugging pants, and boots. So, what would set you apart? Replace the usual headband with a throne of thorns on her head, droplets of blood oozing from the thorns pricking into the head, and wear whiteout contact lenses. Also, complement the whole look with a bold buckled belt and carry some fake fire (check out DIY tutorials on YouTube) while lip-syncing to Sabrina’s dialogue that you can play on a mini speaker.

Let’s hope that Halloween 2020 will be totally bewitching, entrancing, and scary enough to help all of us forget the horrors of Covid-19.

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