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6 Jaw-dropping Festive Mardi Gras Makeup Looks

6 Jaw-dropping Festive Mardi Gras Makeup Looks

Mardi Gras and festive makeup look go together. The colour palette of this unique festival consists of purple, green, yellow, and gold, you can incorporate a variety of looks and costumes with this particular colour scheme. From rhinestones to beads and subtle gold eyes enhanced by coloured contact lenses, here are 6 jaw-dropping makeup ideas to help you celebrate this carnival even if you have donned a mask.

  1. Purple and Gold Halo Eye Makeup

Want a killer look for the Mardi Gras? The Halo Eye makeup trend is the best bet for you. This look will make all heads turn and bring the desired attention towards a room full of revelers. This look combines the bold and the subtle with a heavy shimmery shadow in the center surrounded by darker shades near the edges giving you a fiery set of peepers. If not sure, look up some amazing tutorials online and follow the lead with green, purple, and gold eye shadow colours. Want a bolder look? You can even wear purple coloured contact lenses for a feistier look.


You may not prefer wearing purple lipstick normally but for the Mardi Gras celebration, this is the perfect colour. Shape up your pout with the vibrant hues. If you love to experiment then there are several tutorials to help you out with lip art. Stick to the glittery golden and dark purple when you are shaping your lips into a work of art. Enhance your luscious lips with rhinestones in green around the edges. To compliment your looks, wear a pair of contacts in an unusual colour.


The easiest but the most attractive makeup look to pull off on Mardi Gras is the metallic eye. Your eyes pop up gloriously with heavy layers of shimmery eyeshadows on your lids. It is perfect for Fat Tuesday. All you need are multiple shimmery colours. Rest keep everything very simple and neat. Blend it beautifully with your fingers. Add in a pair of flashy yellow coloured contact lenses and Viola! You have the perfect Mardi Gras look.


Do you love colours? Do you want to wear more than one shade on your eyes? Then, what’s stopping you? This celebration is all about loud music, loud makeup, experimenting with colours and costumes. The two-toned liner style of makeup is quite a trend these days. So, put any reservations and apply two layers of eyeliner. Go for green and gold. Line both lids and to set off the beautiful lines, wear coloured contact lenses.


Cat-eye makeup is one trend that never goes out of fashion. It fits any occasion perfectly. It is undoubtedly the most serious beauty mantra to rock any party or bar. Want to instantly up the ante? Then, add in a variety of gemstones to truly make your eyes pop up at the carnival. It will give you a bold, glam look that will complement the most outrageous masks. To make the whole look even more attractive and make an impressive beauty statement, wear a pair of Red Coloured Contact Lenses to make your eyes sparkle like two jewels. Once you have lined your eyes with heavy eyeliner, then stick the gemstones to the wing’s tips and also add a few above the cheekbones for a stunning sparkle.


Mardi Gras is all about taking things to the next level. The same is the case with the makeup. Elevate the levels when it comes to anything on this festival. From temporarily coloured hair, outrageous masks, those extra high heels and loads of beads and beaded jewelry, know no bounds on Mardi Gras. Multidimensional eyes are a sure-shot way of raising the bar when it comes to Fat Tuesday makeup. Follow some sassy tutorials on YouTube for inspiration, and complement the style with a pair of green-coloured contact lenses.

Mardi Gras is the perfect occasion to break free from the more serious routines and get a little playful. In this colourful festival, you can play with your imagination and experiment in a way you have never before. Be it the eyes, lips, face, costumes and masks or hair, you can enjoy the festivities with lots of panache and flamboyance.
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