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5 Must-own Scary Contacts for Cosplay

5 Must-own Scary Contacts for Cosplay

You might be done cosplaying your favourite character on Halloween and enjoyed the spookiest night of the year but that doesn’t mean that all those preparations you did are going in vain for the rest of the year. If you love comics, animes or movies, then you can participate in comic con and amaze everyone with your rendition of your preferred character. You can also use your Halloween lenses to pull pranks and if you are creative enough to use such fiery products for causal use, then your statement will be distinguished among millions.

The point is that once you have got hold of products for Halloween cosplay, you will find plenty of opportunities to put them to use throughout the year. Further, you can leverage them on next year’s Halloween by tweaking your costume a bit and you will be all set to join your friends on the much-awaited night. That being said, investing a bit in Halloween products like coloured lenses can be a great value addition to your wardrobe.

But before you start exploring the vast range of Halloween Contact Lenses. One should start grabbing the essential lenses for Halloween first, especially those that can be worn on different occasions so that you can find the real value for money. One thing that you must consider while picking lenses is suitability. You have to make sure that the chosen lens is connected to the character you're willing to cosplay and complement your facial tone. Once you're done checking that, you're good to grab your favourite contacts.

Finding great contacts among hundreds and thousands of options can be quite difficult. But no worries as we have gathered some of the must-own lenses that will come in handy while cosplaying a number of evergreen characters and additionally, you can rock your everyday look by wearing them. So, have a look and grab what's best for you:

Full Eye Black Sclera Contacts

Imagine eyes that are completely blacked out, soulless and colourless. That might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie but here we are talking about full-eye black sclera contacts that cover the entire eyes and blankets with appealing darkness with no other hue or texture in it. In contrast with other contacts, this one is the most attractive lens proven to have a spell-binding effect. The most fascinating feature of sclera contacts is that they have a dominating effect and foster dark vibes which is a treat for cosplayers on Halloween. Other than that, you can make the most out of these contacts by using them as casual beauty products. It will definitely set your standard apart from others. 

Blind White Contacts

Wearing black is way too common on Halloween and if you want to break past the conventional barrier of tradition by doing the opposite, then you need to get your hands on the best-selling blind white contacts. It’s the sort of contact that will make your ordinary costume an extraordinary one and make your eyes captivating enough to steal the attention of others and make you the limelight. The lenses have a ghostly white hue which combines very well with the sclera making it look void. You can pull off several characters with these contacts and stun everyone with your otherworldly eyes of yours. If you also leverage these contacts to the fullest, then taking your fashion statement to the next level will be a cakewalk.

Full Eye Red Sclera Contacts

Whether you want to amp up your gothic look or want something epic for your Halloween cosplay, full-eye red sclera contacts won’t disappoint you at all. It will mask your eyes completely with a blood-red hue with a single punch of darkness in your iris for an additional dose of dark vibes. The beauty of these contacts is that they are suitable for every skin tone and hair colour. Plus, they make a perfect option for every scary character. You can even go for your own unique rendition and amaze everyone with a different approach for Halloween. 

Final Verdict

Halloween is the much-awaited + spookiest night of the year. We all look forward to cosplaying our favourite characters and enjoying the dark vibes all night long. Our top picks contacts will ensure that you end up with an amazing cosplay that is worthy of a truckload of compliments and all the attention. In addition to that, you can use them to elevate your persona on different occasions given their versatile features.

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