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5 Makeup and Contact Lens Combinations to Try in 2021

5 Makeup and Contact Lens Combinations to Try in 2021

Beauty is more versatile now, with thousands of people using coloured contact lenses to enhance their looks. Both makeup and coloured contact lenses play a valuable role in this enhancement of beauty. However, not all styles and combinations match well. Not all makeup styles make a good combo with the coloured contacts that you may have chosen. It is important to keep your skin tones and hair colour in mind as well when choosing the contact lens colours. 

To help out, here are 5 makeup and contact lens combinations to try in 2021 once you have determined all the other factors. 

  1. Smokey Eyes for Blue Contacts Lenses

In the mood for some blues? Smokey eye makeup is the best bet for you. Nothing looks more flawless than smokey makeup surrounding two pools of deep blue. The fresh, dark shade of this combination makes your eyes stand out and prevent them from dulling out. It is a bright colour but it does not wash down your eyes like usual bold and bright makeup choices do. 

To achieve this striking combination, you will require a blend of black and silver with deep plum or navy shade to give it more depth. When used together, these shades bring out the colour of your eyes. Blending is indispensable to this kind of makeup. A smooth and seamless finish with an eyeshadow blending brush enhances your whole look and brings the focus to your blue eyes. 

  1. Warm Tones for Green Contact Lenses

Warmer toned makeup styles work best if you have opted to wear green coloured contact lenses. It is because green eyes naturally have warm undertones of brown or gold. When you wear warmer shades of make-up, it accentuates this underlying warmth. Think in terms of bronze makeup when you opt to wear green contacts. 

Brown, pink, purple blushes also bring out the best of your eyes as they warm up your skin tone for a rawer finish. Combine it with matte bronzers to complete this whole look and centre the focus towards your eyes. 

  1. Variety of Shades for Brown Contact Lenses

It may seem that brown coloured contacts may be the easiest to combine with any makeup look, they are not. They are more complicated than others as there a several shades of brown and they work with some makeup styles while looking disastrous with others. Keeping that in mind, various make-up styles can be infused depending on the shade of brown that you have chosen from light, medium, or a darker shade of brown.

The lighter shades of brown are best accentuated with warmer makeup tones like yellows in bright or pale tones. It enhances the gold undertones of the light brown contacts. For medium brown coloured lenses, you should opt for brighter colours to bring out their beauty. You can try blue and green as it can potentially uncover the greenish undertones. For the deep, dark brown eyes, dark eye makeup looks graceful.

  1. Classic Black Smokey Eyes for Hazel Contact Lenses

Can you ever go wrong with the classic black smokey eye? No, it’s just not possible. No one could ever go wrong with the classic black smokey eye. Its distinctive intensity can bring out the beauty of any light-coloured eyes. This sharp contrast enhances the beautiful hazel colour vividly and elegantly. 

If you want to compliment your hazel eyes, then prime your eyelids properly and use a blend of soft brown shades that smoothly transits on the skin below your brow. Then blend in the black shades slightly till you achieve the intensity you are looking for. Accentuate your lash line using black kohl and finish off with mascara for a splendid look with your hazel-coloured contact lenses.

  1. Orange or Black and Silver for Grey Contact Lenses

When you opt to wear grey contact lenses, think of your makeup in terms of earthy tones like orange, brown, salmon, bright orange copper, peach, neutral, and melon. This makes the grey eyes elegantly pop out.  Grey has an innate blue undertone that is enhanced by the use of these colours. For a more natural or softer look, go for a coral shimmer.

Another stunning combination of grey eyes is that of black and silver. Create a sultry and seductive look, go for smokey eyes with black and silver shades with light grey contacts. For a party look, you can also add some sparkle. Unique shades like Light teal, shimmery purple, and pale pink also look awesome and give a dramatic looked when combined with silver liner.

Wrapping Up

Get ready to slay the day in 2021 with these stunning makeup combinations. Just remember to find the perfect colours and shades that work for you.
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