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5 Extraordinary Celebrity Outfits to Inspire Your Halloween Costume

5 Extraordinary Celebrity Outfits to Inspire Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is a festival liked by people of all ages. The best part about the whole festival is all the decorations and dressing up for the 31st of October. On Halloween, fancy dress is not limited to children. You can dress up in any way you like even if you are an adult and it is a lot of fun. When it comes to girls, dressing up and applying make-up takes a whole new turn. The Halloween enthusiasts start preparing for it a couple of months before the actual day, from picking out a dress to selecting the jewelry, Fancy Dress Lenses, and make-up, there’s definitely a lot to do.

Celebrities have always been an inspiration on and off-screen for some amazing Halloween costumes. This year is no different. You can take inspiration from these 10 extraordinary celebrity outfits whether you are going for a car parade, a Zoom-Halloween party, or a small event maintaining social distance.

  1. Lady Gaga’s Famous Meat Dress

If there’s any celebrity who can give you endless inspiration for costumes for any occasion, it is Lady Gaga. This iconic music diva has sported a crazy variety of looks and trends over the years. One of her most memorable dresses that have the perfect scary element for Halloween is the Meat Dress that she wore to 2010 MTV VMA made up of raw meat. You need to be a little crafty to replicate this frightening fashion move using a tie-dyed Tee with a bloodied mummy-like wrappings. You can learn some crafting ideas from YouTube tutorials. 

  1. Heidi Klum’s Jessica Rabbit Look

Jessica Rabbit is a famous sultry cartoon and this bold animated character has been copied by many for Halloween and other themed events. However, it was Heidi Klum who made a revolutionary statement by arriving in an unbelievably realistic costume that made her guise astoundingly like the well-known cartoon. To dress up as the sexy Jessica Rabbit in Klum style, you need a vibrantly red dress a perilously revealing slit, and purple latex gloves. To further enhance the costume, a red wig and bright purple eye makeup are mandatory. A perfect red pout, long seductive eyelashes, and a pair of green coloured contact lenses perfectly finishes off the look. 

  1. The "Spice Girls" Gang

Add some seasoning to the fall by copying the pop icons of the 90s, the Spice Girls. For Baby Spice, you need white-colored knee-high socks, a pair of snickers, and a pink slip dress. Wear two ponytails (if you are not blonde then get a blonde wig). Posh Spice look is easy to pull off even without David Beckham by your side. All you need is a little black dress, her iconic pout, short sleek black hair, heels, and big sunglasses. Perfect for natural red-hair but a wig would be equally good if you wear your ginger hair in the famous coif and pair it with Union Jack mini-dress, and red boots for Ginger Spice’s looks. Cheetah print, curly hair with two knots at the top and you’re ready to rock Scary Spice look. Sporty Spice is the easiest to express with a gym suit, a high ponytail.

  1. Decades Britney Spears 

Attending a Zoom Halloween party this year with your besties? Then take up various outrageous looks of 90s popstar Britney Spears over the decades. Bring back some good ol’ school fun with Britney’s cute school outfit, braided hair with pom pom hair ties to reminiscence about “Baby one more time!”. One of your groupies can get hold of sleek catsuit in red color and recreate the peppy number “Oops I did it again!”. If you really want to rock your online party, bring it all in with a stuffed snake (no issues if you have a pet one at home) and rock it with the outfit the pop icon wore at “Slave 4 U” performance.

  1. Beyoncé as Barbie

Duplicate Beyoncé’s ingenious Halloween costume from 2016 where she transformed herself into a vintage Barbie. This look is easy to pull off and becomes amazingly realistic if you add the perfect doll-like expressions. For this, you need to find a vintage one-piece swimsuit in black and white. Get a large cardboard box in which you can stand and fit in and paint it like a doll’s packaging. Don some Barbie-like expressions, blue coloured contact lenses and mini-dress and you are good to go. 

Try these Instagram-worthy looks this Halloween if you really want to prevent yourself from going for all the gore and blood and popping eyes etc.
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