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4 Halloween Makeup Looks our Black Contact Lenses

4 Halloween Makeup Looks our Black Contact Lenses

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with your look and embrace the darker side of beauty. One way to add an extra eerie touch to your costume is by incorporating our black contact lenses into your makeup routine. In this article, we'll explore eight stunning Halloween makeup looks that pair perfectly with black contact lenses, ensuring you stand out at any Halloween gathering.

1. Demon Creature

Delve into the realm of the supernatural with this demonic makeover that will leave everyone spellbound. Follow these steps to achieve a look that's both powerful and mysterious:

  • Step 1: Foundation: Apply a ghostly pale foundation as your base, setting the stage for the darkness to come.
  • Step 2: Eye Makeup: Blend deep red and black eyeshadows around the eyes to create a sunken, haunting appearance. Add black contact lenses to finish your look!
  • Step 3: Contouring: Emphasise your cheekbones, nose, and temples with dark hues to highlight the skeletal structure.
  • Step 4: Vein Patterns: Use a red or purple lip liner to delicately draw vein patterns, adding an eerie authenticity to your look.
  • Step 5: Lipstick: Finish off with a deep black or burgundy lipstick for a bold, dramatic finish.

2. Possessed Doll

Channel the eerie charm of an old porcelain doll with this possessed makeover that's sure to turn heads. Here's how to achieve the perfect doll-like innocence tinged with a hint of the paranormal:

  • Step 1: Foundation: Start with a foundation lighter than your skin tone to achieve a porcelain effect.
  • Step 2: Rosy Cheeks: Add exaggerated rosy pink blush to the apples of your cheeks for a sweet, doll-like flush.
  • Step 3: Eye Emphasis: Use black eyeliner to draw large lower lashes, giving your eyes a wide-eyed, doll-like appearance. Add black contact lenses to complete the look.
  • Step 4: Freckles: Sprinkle freckles across your nose and cheeks with a brown pencil for added authenticity.
  • Step 5: Lip Colour: Finish with a heart-shaped, bold red lip for a playful yet sinister touch.

3. Alien

Step into the realm of intergalactic beauty with this ethereal alien makeover that's out of this world. Here's how to achieve a look that's both elegant and otherworldly:

  • Step 1: Foundation: Opt for a cool-toned foundation with hints of green or blue for an alien undertone.
  • Step 2: Intergalactic Glow: Contour your face with silver and blue hues to achieve a radiant, otherworldly glow.
  • Step 3: Brow Transformation: Extend your eyebrows upwards with a black gel liner for a truly extraterrestrial touch.
  • Step 4: Holographic Highlight: Highlight your cheekbones, forehead, and nose with a holographic highlighter for a celestial shimmer.

4. Vampire

Indulge in the timeless allure of vampire beauty with this mesmerising makeover that's equal parts sultry and seductive. Here's how to achieve the perfect balance of immortal elegance and haunting allure:

  • Step 1: Foundation: Opt for a porcelain-like foundation to mimic the undead pallor of a vampire.
  • Step 2: Smouldering Eyes: Use black and burgundy eyeshadows to create sultry, deep-set eyes reminiscent of endless nights. Wear red and black contact lenses to give a spooky effect
  • Step 3: Contouring: Sharply contour your cheekbones with shades of grey and taupe for a gaunt, elegant look.
  • Step 4: Blood-Red Lips: Finish with blood-red lips, adding faux blood drips for an extra touch of horror.


With these eight Halloween makeup looks paired with our black contact lenses, you're sure to steal the spotlight at any Halloween celebration. Whether you choose to embrace your inner demon, channel the elegance of a vampire, or transform into a demon creature, black contact lenses are the perfect accessory to elevate your costume to the next level of spookiness.

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