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12 Astrological Sign Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2020

12 Astrological Sign Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2020

The time to dress up as a fairy or adding a crooked nose witch for Halloween are things of the past. Makeup has evolved and today’s makeup artist can give life to any fantasy creature and unique ideas are never-ending. If you want to do something unusual this Halloween, then dress up as your Zodiac Sign. Seems challenging? Well, it is not that difficult if you follow the tips given below:

A Blazing Bold Look for Fire Signs

Out of the twelve zodiac signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius belong to the fire element. Keep your colour palette according to the theme. Orange, yellow, brown, red, and similar shades are the best to use when applying make-up. For Aries, finish up your look with DIY foil horns, that are super easy to make. Leos can use a lion head or can create a headband using yellow and brown hairpieces or wigs to replicate a lion’s mane. Lastly, Sagittarius may carry a bow and arrow with them, as Sagittarius’s symbol is the Archer and dress up in Gladiator-like costume. Be bold and fiery with these fancy dress costumes and your look for Halloween 2020 is ready.

Breeze in! Light and Air Signs

If you are one of these then know your element is air. It would be great if you go for cool colours. Moreover, be sure to keep your look simple and elegant. For Gemini, the look is very easy to create. Use two different shades of the same colour and apply it on either side of your face to give the impression of an identical reflection. To finish up the look, you can use two different Halloween contact lenses and wear them in either eye.  Those who come under the sign of Aquarius, wear a flowy dress, and have a simple glam with shiny and glittery eyes. Libra’s symbol is a scale and it tells all about balance. So keep your make-up well balanced and complete your look with a two ponytail hair-do or two buns on either side. If you wish, put some hair accessories as well. Or you can also create looks of scales with makeup.

Halloween Makeover for Earth Signs

Earth signs are the most stable and reliable from all the zodiacs. If you are Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, then you have a world to explore when it comes to your Halloween transformation. If you are a headstrong bull Taurus, then you do not need to do much. Get a ready-made bull horn headband from the market, wear full black eye contacts, and finish up your look with a nose bull ring. If you want, a dark shade of lipstick would be perfect. For Virgo, the virgins, keep your look modest and simple. Virgo is itself a feminine symbol and you won’t have to do much to achieve this look. Use bright colours like violet and pink, put some glitter and shine like a star. Capricorns will have their chance to bring their love for traditions. Use as many colours as you can. And if you want to go one step ahead, you can also put on straight horns and embellish it with a subtle yet classy head chain. 

Go with the Flow! Water signs

Two fishes are Piscean’s pride, Scorpio rules with a scorpion, and Cancer affiliates itself with a crab. These symbolisms make it easier for water zodiac holders for an easy makeover. If you are a Cancer, then you would be aware that the red colour and various tones, and shades of scarlet should be your colour theme. For scorpions, the darker and bolder make-up you have with subtle tones and shades the better it would look. For a final touch, if you have long hair, you can also tie your hair in a way that it looks like a scorpion’s tail. Turning into a Pisces sign is the easiest yet a little time-consuming. But you will surely love the result. Part your face into two. Make two fishes with the help of eye/lip pencils and then draw scales to give it a little realistic look. Add some glittery and shimmery touch and finish up with a pair of white Halloween contact lenses for an ethereal look. For the costume, you can choose a fish silhouette dress that matches with your make-up and overall look. 

Turning yourself into your astrological sign seems like an amazing idea for Halloween 2020. It is unique, out of the box, and to top it all, it is quite easy too!
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