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10 Male K-Pop Idols with Captivating Eyes

10 Male K-Pop Idols with Captivating Eyes

Contact lenses have become a popular fashion accessory that can help transform anyone's look from drab to glam. You can find contact lenses in vibrant, trendy colours to the transparent and cat-eyed ones.

For more than a decade, Korean idols like Ulzzang and Korean fashion models have been sporting colourful contact lenses. These ten male K-pop idols also love this trend and dazzle their fans with their captivating eyes whenever they perform or pose for shoots.  


Every K-pop fan is familiar with EXO, one of the best amongst the K-pop groups. Sehun, the maknae (youngest of the group), is not only acclaimed for his extraordinary talent. He is equally famous for his good looks and is known to be one of the industry's most handsome men. His choice of subtle grey eye colour makes his looks even more captivating. With such alluring eyes, he can make any fan swoon over him, and you just can't stop looking at him. 


When you talk about EXO, there is a set of puppy eyes that instantly pops in your head, and those handsome, mesmerizing peeps belong to no other than Baekhyun. Combined with his splendid talent, his puppy blue eye colour enthrals the viewers. Enhanced by his iconic eyeshadow and eyeliner in burgundy shades, Baekhyun is just irresistible.  


Since his debut as the leading dancer and vocalist of SHINee, when he was only 14, Taemin's career has soared to new heights over the years, and his talent keeps getting better and better. And no one can deny the fact that along with his career, the industry's youngest idol's look has refined as well. There is an underlying sophistication in his looks, brought on by his amazing grey eyes and completing his transformation into a handsome young man. 

4. Park Jihoon

He came, and he conquered! This is the perfect way to describe Park Jihoon's sexy intense glare that melted thousands of fans during the 2020 ISAC. This focused signature look of Jihoon's appears whenever he is focusing on something with full intensity. Whether it is a lighter shade of grey or the darker and deeper black with mini black Sclera Contact Lenses, his eyes, when focused, have the power to capture many hearts.  


BTS's Golden Maknae is wonderfully talented, and on top of that, he has been blessed with gorgeously golden looks that can make his fans skip a heartbeat. Jungkook has natural semi-round eyes that give him invitingly innocent looks. Yet, these cute, innocent looks instantly transform into slick and sultry when he wears his bright blue lenses. Combined with his song-writing skills, a remarkable voice, and ridiculously handsome looks, the golden boy is a complete package as he produces records as well. 


Contagious smile, bewitching eyes, breath-taking good looks, trendy and cool ‚Äď all these qualities can only come in a single sentence for Jimin of the BTS gang. With his extraordinary talent for song-writing, this great K-pop idol is known not only for his singing but also for his love of colourful contact lenses. His natural eye colour is jellyfish blue, but he can be seen sporting some darker shades of blue or even black lenses to complement his skin tone.¬†

7. Sungjae from BTOB  

BTOB's Sungjae, like the rest of his group, is known for pulling off unique adventurous concepts. One of the most popular looks that he sported was wearing a pair of red lenses in the trendiest manner. To complete his fantastic and bold ensemble, he wore red leopard-print studded blazers. When on stage, Sungjae emerged as a dangerously handsome icon rocking his unique pair of contacts. 

9. BamBam (GOT7)

BamBam is one star who knows how to captivate his audience and how to mesmerize his fans. Bagging JOOX Thailand Music awards 2020's title of social superstar, this amazingly multi-talented K-pop idol is a singer, dancer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is known for talking with his eyes and to make them more attractive. He enhances them with a pair of contacts that honestly endorse his "eyestalk." 


His "the boys next-door" looks are what makes Min Giyu so cute and attractive for his fans and has earned him Seventeen's visual. His narrow, ebony peepers are captivating, and he has the power to enthral anyone to a speechless stupor. Black is beautiful, and Min Giyu's black eyes prove it every time. 

K-pop idols and their love for Contact Lenses

It's a fact that male K-pop Idols are trendsetters for colour contact lenses as they add more character to their appearance. The lenses can complement any ensemble, and male idols are no different when it comes to having beautiful eyes.

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