Make them scream bloody murder! Bloody Red Contact Lenses by Halloween Contact Lenses Australia give your eyes the deepest shade of red color, as if every single nerve was...




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Make them scream bloody murder! Bloody Red Contact Lenses by Halloween Contact Lenses Australia give your eyes the deepest shade of red color, as if every single nerve was turned inside out. The lenses merge with your iris to provide complete coverage with only the pupil peeking through. The pupil itself is coated in dark black, a perfect combination with the red iris surrounding it.

Bloody Red Eye Contacts have a simple aesthetic. The lack of design is deliberate as it makes these lenses look more natural so that you may wear them anywhere without drawing too much attention to yourself. In fact, they would easily resemble ‘normal’ contacts were it not for the bright red color. There is a subtle charm to a simplistic style that doesn’t readily attract attention but can only be admired when looked at with fierce concentration and that is the essence of the Bloody Red Contact Lenses.

Benefits / Uses

Bloody Red Eye Contacts are available in a number of specifications, with varying duration's of usage including 1 day, 1 month, 3 months and even a year. These contacts serve a large audience, whether you need them for a single auspicious day such as Halloween or if you’d like to change your eye color for an extended period of time.

Be the life of the party. Bloody Red Eye Contacts are versatile in their use as they can match with a wide variety of costumes and cosplays. From dressing up as a supernatural being to portraying your favorite game or movie character with red eyes, these contacts can serve a different purpose for each individual.

Bloody Red Eye Contacts are not just meant for Halloween. They can be a great fit for a makeover. The red lenses will give you a sublime yet reserved look, demonstrating your spirit of creativity as well as helping you break the mold in your social circle.

At Halloween Contact Lenses, we pride ourselves on punctuality and ease of purchase. You can order our contact lenses today and have them at your door tomorrow through our Next Day Delivery service offering Australia Wide Shipping. As mentioned earlier, our lenses come in 1-day use, 1 month, 3 months and even a whole year.

  • 2 Lenses as a pair
  • Max Time Duration: 8 hours 
  • Contains 42% water
  • Diameter of lens: 14mm (approx.) 
  • Sterile buffered isotonic saline packaging 
  • Package includes instructions


Note: All lenses are sold in pairs. Our lenses DO NOT come with a case or solution, as you may think of it as a part of the package. For 1-month, 3-month lenses and yearly lenses, you need a case and solution for better maintenance of the lenses. Soak them before your first use as it is a requirement. Case and Solution is readily available on our website under the 'Accessories' section. 

 For any questions or feedback for this product, just drop us a line, and we will get back to you at our earliest. 

Delivery Details

    Priority Shipping - Free

    Tracked Shipping - $7.99

    Express Shipping - $10.99

    For further details concerning the shipping, please refer to the Customer Care section at the Footer.

We use Australia Post as our delivery partner. We offer free standard shipping. Most of our contact lens orders will be dispatched on next business day. Standard delivery should arrive within 2-7 business days after dispatch, and Express delivery should arrive within 1-3 business days after dispatch. There are no hidden costs and we do not charge a handling fee.

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