Imagine, Halloween is coming up and you do not want just any ordinary costume like last year, or the year before that. Instead you want to be extraordinary, you want...




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Imagine, Halloween is coming up and you do not want just any ordinary costume like last year, or the year before that. Instead you want to be extraordinary, you want to stand out so much so as to leave everyone in shock and awe. But how do you accomplish something like that? No matter how good the get-up is, you still feel as though something is still missing; something which gives you an otherworldly quality, something which makes your presence mystical and surreal yet at the same time grounded in reality.

Blind White Contact Lenses by Halloween Contact Lens is the product you’re looking for to complete that image. They’ll make you look and feel like the supernatural presence you are by adding a mysterious, almost ghostly aura around you. These lenses have an incredible white tint, which blends your eyes together as a single unit with uniform color almost flawlessly. The result? It will completely cover up your natural eye color and whitewash your eye for that extra creepy look.

Once applied, you can turn those haunting eyes anywhere and you’ll immediately feel the difference as you look at people’s outrageous reactions to you, be it mild amusement breaking into a full sprint shouting ‘Ghost, it’s a real ghost!’. With the way the Blind White Lenses look, you are not restricted to any one type of costume or character. You can dress up either as a revenant from the underworld, stalking his prey with lifeless, undead eyes or as an elven princess, with her enamoring gaze that belies grace and eminence.

No matter the occasion, Blind White Lenses are a surefire way to get noticed. Whether its for that big Halloween party you’ve looking forward to all year or just a simple prank on a cowardly friend, these lenses are certain to be a fright and/or a delight.
  • 2 Lenses as a pair
  • Max Time Duration: 8 hours 
  • Contains 42% water
  • Diameter of lens: 14mm (approx.) 
  • Sterile buffered isotonic saline packaging 
  • Package includes instructions


Note: All lenses are sold in pairs. Our lenses DO NOT come with a case or solution, as you may think of it as a part of the package. For 1-month, 3-month lenses and yearly lenses, you need a case and solution for better maintenance of the lenses. Soak them before your first use as it is a requirement. Case and Solution is readily available on our website under the 'Accessories' section. 

 For any questions or feedback for this product, just drop us a line, and we will get back to you at our earliest. 

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