There is darkness that lies in each and every one of us. Some might try to suppress it, or call it evil but what do they know? The universe is...




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There is darkness that lies in each and every one of us. Some might try to suppress it, or call it evil but what do they know? The universe is in a constant state of balance; the yin and yang, chaos and order, good and evil. One cannot exist without the order. So, is it not better, healthier even, to let that inner demon out into the world? 

But, how does one look like a demon, exactly? The naturally occurring colors of our eyes - brown, hazel, green or blue - don’t really give off a demonic vibe. So, how does one achieve a look so dark, so evil that to stare into your eyes would be like staring into the depths of hell itself

Introducing the all-new Blackout Contact Lenses by Halloween Contact Lenses, which give your eyes a dark, jet-black color. The shade of black is so astonishing that the iris and pupil blend together and almost disappear, leaving behind a soulless gaze. Looking into those eyes for the first time is a truly jarring experience, which makes these lenses especially great for jump scares! Upon wearing these one-of-a-kind-lenses, you’ll instantly see how those around you jump back in fright just by looking at you. These lenses will serve you no matter what the occasion. Whether you are the resident evil spirit at a local Halloween bash with your devil-may-care attitude or you are trying to fit in to that goth clique, Blackout Contact Lenses will definitely make you the chief demonic presence at every party. This product works especially well this costumes and characters that exude an evil presence, such as devils, vampires, demons etc.
  • 2 Lenses as a pair
  • Max Time Duration: 8 hours 
  • Contains 42% water
  • Diameter of lens: 14mm (approx.) 
  • Sterile buffered isotonic saline packaging 
  • Package includes instructions


Note: All lenses are sold in pairs. Our lenses DO NOT come with a case or solution, as you may think of it as a part of the package. For 1-month, 3-month lenses and yearly lenses, you need a case and solution for better maintenance of the lenses. Soak them before your first use as it is a requirement. Case and Solution is readily available on our website under the 'Accessories' section. 

 For any questions or feedback for this product, just drop us a line, and we will get back to you at our earliest. 

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